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THE CRITICAL SOCIAL WORKER Episode 19 - Unseen Tides: The Power of Death Work and Harm Reduction with Leilani Maxera

The Critical Social Worker podcast unfolds unique stories and diverse perspectives to foster critical dialogue, empathy, and understanding for all listeners. Through storytelling grounded in social work values, we aim to change ourselves and the world, one story at a time.


The Heart of Hospice Episode 166: Leilani Maxera Shares How to Plan for a Good Death

The Heart of Hospice is here to educate, encourage, and enrich the hospice experience for people with life-limiting illnesses, as well as personal and professional caregivers.

Beyond Self-Care - An Honest Conversation about Workplace Wellness

One-hour training in collaboration with Mental Health America of Hawaiʻi about how to take care of and show respect for employees by creating a true culture of workplace wellness, with an emphasis on those who work in social services.

Coping with Grief and Loss in the Harm Reduction Workplace

A National Council for Mental Wellbeing webinar sharing strategies that harm reduction organizations and staff can employ to cope with loss, featuring myself and Erica Poellot, MDiv, MSW, Director of Faith in Harm Reduction.


I Kua Naʻu - Community Death Care

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One-hour workshop in collaboration with Papa Ola Lōkahi discussing community death care, how death doulas fit into it and what they do, and when you might call on them to support you and your loved ones.

Their Care, Their Choice: Experiences with Medical Aid in Dying as shared by loved one of those who have died

This video is a recording of a free online panel that took place Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 highlighting the stories of five Hawaiʻi residents – Clark, Momi, Louise, David, and Lesa – sharing their experiences of a family member navigating the Medical Aid in Dying program. Each panel participant pre-recorded their story to share, and were present to answer questions from the hosts and the audience.The panel was facilitated by myself and Joy Rodriguez.


How We Talk About Death And Drugs (Hawaiʻi Storytellers)

(Activation warning – this speech discussed both suicide and overdose deaths)

This personal story about drugs, trauma, and grieving was shared as part of the Civil Beat Hawaiʻi Storytellers series, with the topic of this particular event being death and dying.

Death Café Honolulu - Talking about Death (Out and About)

Interview with Winston Welch of ThinkTech Hawaiʻi about Death Café Honolulu, other death resources, and how we talk about dying. I founded Death Café Honolulu and facilitated it for 8 1/2 years before stepping away in August 2023 to focus on other projects.